The Voting Game Adult Party Game


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Friendships are put to the test with this twisted adult card game that’s bound to have everyone in stitches. The Voting Game is this year’s most hilarious adult card game for those who are brave enough to find out who their friends truly are! The group is challenged one question at a time to vote for the person most likely to……? Filled with fun and naughty questions like ‘who’s Google search history would you most like to see?’ it’s the sure fire way to discover what their friends think about each other! Will they be brave enough to put friendships to the test with these totally wrong questions? Of course! That’s what party games are for isn’t it? We’ve got a growing range of novelty party games for adults here at Gifts Australia, because we love nothing more than having fun with friends, so we’re glad to help you create just a bit of extra fun and laughter in the world, because those memories are our favourites!

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