Strawbees Maker Kit


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Your kids will build a world of fun with the Strawbees Maker Kit. This simple, open-ended STEAM construction kit is the best way to introduce your child to fun geometric construction toys. The Strawbees Maker Kit is designed to bring out your child's creativity and make STEAM learning fun. Get the kids creating and constructing their own fun building projects with the Strawbees Maker Kit. The clear, step-by-step instruction booklet includes 16 different 3D construction projects to get your kids started. Download the free Strawbees App for even more inspiration and instructions for different cool builds, and then let their imagination run wild! There is no limit to the unique projects they can construct. If you're looking for educational building kits, the Strawbees Maker Kit is perfect for kids aged 6 to 12. Construct geometric shapes, rollercoaster marble runs, a catapult, bridge, mechanical arm, and more! This DIY construction kit is the perfect gift for kids who love to design their own builds. Get your budding engineer started with the best freeplay construction kit for mechanical structures. For those looking for even more, the Strawbees Maker Kit can connect to electronic coding cards for truly amazing design projects teens will love. Fun STEAM design toys encourage complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity at home. Browse the amazing range of hands-on toys and educational DIY gifts for kids at Gifts Australia.

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