Printing Digital Photos Pocket Guide 6th Edition Magazine 12 Month Subscription


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Everything you need to know about how to create high-quality, low-cost prints of your digital photos.

Starting with basic needs like choosing the right type of printer and printing paper, through to matching image size to output size and how to make long-lasting, colour-accurate prints for display and sharing. And it’s written in non technical language for photographers at all levels.

1. Choosing a Printer
2. Papers and Inks
3. Preparing to Print
4. Printing Multiple Images
5. Minimising Wastage
6. Print Durability
7. Printing Special Images
8. Basic Colour Management
9. Special Projects
10. Printer Maintenance
Printing Digital Photos Pocket Guide 6th Edition is available to buy individually OR together with a 1 year, 4 issue, subscription to Photo Review magazine. Save $20.75. See Photo Review magazine for details on magazine content.Please make your selection from the options below.

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