Kids Chunky Pavement Chalk


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Chunky-size chalk set for creative projects Includes 10 pieces rainbow coloured chalk Includes easy-grip chalk holder Non-toxic and washable on outdoor surfaces Suitable for ages 3+ years Kids Chunky Pavement Chalk is an exciting adventure for kids who love to play, draw and create.
These fabulous giant chalk sticks can be used to create murals and a multitude of classic games like hopscotch.
Each set contains ten colourful pieces and an easy-grip handle for little hands.
Encourage kids to develop colour recognition and teach them numbers, shapes and letters.
They can use this chunky chalk on everything from the pavement and brick walls to a standard chalkboard.
It also dissolves in water, making it easy to rinse away and an ideal art supply.
Treat them to some and watch their faces light up!