Doctor's Orders Cheese Board

Doctor's Orders Cheese Board



Based on your current medial history and family background, a dose of good times and dairy delights is in order for you. The ‘Doctor’s Orders Cheese Board’ is a quick and simple cure for whatever ails you.

An ideal gift for all occasions and recipients, simply put in your patient’s name and leave some solid advice for their dietary requirements.

With an additional cutlery set to enjoy your fairy dairy cuisine, this unique gift is the ultimate prescription for any cheese-loving individual.

Please note: We only use natural slate. Any mottling, colour blemishes, fissures or imperfections are part of the natural allure of genuine slate, and we hope like us you think it adds to the charm.

Utensils: Cheese Knife, Cheese Fork, Cheese Shaver
Colour: Black Slate
Material: Natural Slate, Bamboo & Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 54.5cm x 12.0cm x 2.0cm
Personalisation: Engraved
Care Instructions: Hand-wash only