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Cosmos Magazine is an award-winning science magazine, published in Australia but with a global reach.
Cosmos Magazine presents the exciting world of science in a way that everyone can enjoy, with beautiful pictures and clear explanations of the latest developments.
Discover the universe around you and what makes it tick.

Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Want to feel good about the world again? What better way than with Cosmos – the science of everything amazing.

In issue 103:

How do we deal with this era of rapid change, when the limits of what’s possible – and what’s normal – are shifting? Issue 103 explores this uncertain ground, and the transformations and possibilities that may come with it.
Prianka Srinivasan takes us to drowning island nation of Tuvalu to explore their plan to create a digital twin of the country; Drew Rooke dives into the history of life-saving cures from the ocean’s depths; Martin White tackles the dark matter problem from a new angle; Cat Williams investigates a project bringing Noongar oral history and Western science together; David Hancock reports on efforts to revitalise the bush-food industry in the Kimberley.
Plus 4D printing, Moon myths, the science of doping and more.