Classic French Desserts Class, WA

Classic French Desserts Class



Creamy. Buttery. Delicious. These are all great adjectives for describing the unbelievable desserts made during our Classic French Desserts Experience. Students in this 7.5-hour course will learn how to make delectable ganache, mousse, creme brulee, and a variety of other French treats, as well as delightful chocolate decorations. The instructors of this course also demonstrate several techniques used by pastry chefs around the world. These techniques can be used at home to bake sweet treats every day, all day! Everything made during this Classic French Desserts Experience is taken home by the students. Boxes are provided. This experience also includes a recipe book and an apron for students to keep. The course lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and includes breaks. Students are encouraged to bring a camera to take photos of this wonderful experience and the fantastic sweets they make! Students must be 16+ years of age to participate. Students with food allergies are discouraged from taking this course for safety reasons. Classes are in Joondalup, WA. Terms and Conditions Gifts Australia experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher. Gifts Australia experience vouchers are delivered by email, so it’s important you provide a correct email address for the lucky gift recipient. Vouchers are non-transferable.