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AdventureBox Max takes its readers by the hand to venture onto more sophisticated plot lines.
This new addition to the Box Magazine family is designed for ages 9-12.
For readers of AdventureBox, this magazine is a natural progression into longer, more challenging stories.
Paired with stimulating and interesting tidbits of trivia, your child will also build their repertoire of general knowledge to discuss with friends and family.

Here’s what you’ll find delivered to your door each month:
– 60+ colour pages packed with facts, fiction and fun every month.

– A multi chapter story featuring fantasy, friendship, action and intrigue to reinforce reading for leisure.

– Max Facts: delivering a steady stream of new and interesting facts about the world
– Max Questions, exploring provocative topics and questions for tweens.

– AniMax: discovering the distinctive features of a different species each month
– Griff: readers will enjoy the hilarious coming of age mishaps of young Griff, a teenage boy in the middle ages
– Dr.
Enigmus Investigates, join the clever doctor in solving fun mysteries
– Your mail: young readers share their favourite puns and one-liners

AdventureBox Max! magazine is brought to you by the publishers of Story Box, AdventureBox, and DiscoveryBox magazines.

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