50 Risks To Take With Your Kids


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Format: Hardcover Pages: 208 Dimensions: 14cm x 19cm Publisher: Hardie Grant Books Daisy Turnbull offers an easy-to-use parenting guide with simple, practical challenges for children aged up to 10 years old that are about building resilience and independence, while having fun and connecting as a family along the way.
The 50 Risks to Take With Your Kids book is all about teaching kids to recognise and assess risks for themselves, and ready them to take on life and all the decisions it brings.
Give this as a gift for any parent, a friend, your partner, or even for yourself.
Rethink your parenting.
You'll find suggestions for risks that build physical skills, build social confidence, and essential character development before kids enter those 'risky' teenage years.
You will also discover some all-important parenting risks that will encourage you to step outside your own comfort zone and think a little differently about the best way to raise children to become healthy and happy adults.

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