3 Things Survival Game


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Includes game cards, score tokens, instructions, and zippered storage tote 110 random object cards 80 different scenario cards Players: 4 or more Play time: 15 minutes Recommended for ages 16+ Pick your most creative (or ridiculous!) friends for this fast-paced survival game.
You have 30 seconds to choose three items to help get you through scenarios like soaking in a giant soup kettle over a fire.
Then don your persuasion hat to convince the judge why yours is the best solution.
Make it good, there's only a limited number of rations for you to win and your friends will be trying just as hard to survive.
3 Things: What Will It Take To Survive? is a witty, crazy party game for four or more people.
With 80 different scenarios, this will keep you entertained for hours without repetition as you discover items to get you out of scenarios you never thought were possible.
Grab a computer and play it over video chat to add some laughter to your weekly family catch up, or bring it with you to your next camping trip – either way, you'll have a solid plan for what to do next time you get caught in a sticky situation.
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