21st Birthday Signature Number


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Large wooden birthday number 21 in white Measures: 29 x 2 x 21cm Comes with a marker for your convenience "Celebrating with you on your 21st" More unique than a typical birthday card, and far easier to store than the multiple cards likely from a 21st birthday party, this 21st Birthday Signature Number is the perfect gift table centrepiece.
It is sure to be a hit to record personalised messages and birthday wishes.
A wonderful keepsake souvenir for a 21st that they will treasure for years to come.
This signature number 21 is elegant and suits any decor – whether they're planning on moving out of home yet or not.
The large wooden number can be signed on both sides, has a handy pen holder, and the base stand features the message "Celebrating with you on your 21st!".

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